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Historic stroll on the Vieux-Port de Marseille

The true side of Marseille

Historic stroll on the Vieux-Port de Marseille
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Take the time to go on a historical walk along the Old Port!

Created 26 centuries ago by the Phocaeans, the city of Marseilles lives through its port, a true economic and commercial lung, which also became a symbol of the city.

It was in 600 B.C. that the Phocaeans landed on the Lacydon Cove and founded here the Old Port, shielded by the Garde hill. A true "gateway" to the Mediterranean, it allows Marseille to open on its hinterland and to thrive through trade and commerce. The Old Port is part of the historic heart of Marseille, and it is also a very popular gathering place of Marseille.

Go for a walk along the waterfront to soak up the history that reigns here. If you feel like it, take the ferry-boat, very dear to Marcel Pagnol, and enjoy the atmosphere under the protective eyes of the Saint-Nicolas and Saint-Jean forts guarding the entrance.



To get there:



Line 1: "Vieux-Port" station.


Many RTM lines serve the Old Port