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8 good reasons to book your stay on www.balladins.com

#balladinsFamily say YES to the good tips !

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World days ?

Pourquoi autant de journées mondiales ? La #Teamballadins mène l'enquête

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10 good reasons to not make sales!

The #Teamballadins think of you (and your wallet), tht's why, we have listed the 10 good reasons to not make sales! durant these last weeks..

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Summer is here ! Summer is here !

Summer will be beautiful, Summer will be hot !

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French Team

And 1… And 2… And 3 - 0 !

The Football World Cup has started and will take place this year until July 15, 2018 at our Russian friends!

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Focus on one of the most important event of the year : The Princely wedding !

Prince Harry is going to marry this Saturday, May 19th his beloved, Meghan Markle. And you, will you be present ?

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