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To get to know better all those who welcome you and take care of you in the balladins hotels and not to miss out on any of our offers and deals.


Let’s share #Together those precious moments

Whereever you are, we wish you and your relatives, a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

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Enjoy an exclusive discount with SIXT & balladins !

Ease your bookings with balladins & SIXT ! Staying at balladins hotels offers now even more advantages !

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Summer is here ! Summer is here !

Summer will be beautiful, Summer will be hot !

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Réservation Anticipée - EarlyBird

50/5000 Even more savings for the most far-sighted !

The #Teamballadins offers you to save more and more by booking your stays at least 15 days before the arrival date !

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Vendredi 13

Are you paraskevidekatriaphobe ?

Btw next Friday 13th, it's this Friday ... ! There are those who bet all the lottery, and those who do not leave their home, for fear of crossing a black cat or to accidentally pass under a ladder. Which category do you belong to?

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