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inspiration by balladins Caen Mémorial - Lobby
inspiration by balladins Caen Mémorial - Lobby

Who we are?

Acquired in June 2018 by two employees, David Morel & Fabrice Beyer, balladins brand offers 2 and 3-stars hotels in France and Belgium. Priority is the customer and its wellbeing in each step of its stay, from the booking, to the check-out.

With more than 30 years of experience in providing services to clients and helping hoteliers increasing revenue and skills, the balladins network is a key player in the french hospitality market.

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Become a balladins franchisee

inspiration by balladins Caen Mémorial***

Honestly, we all stand to gain.

Interested in business creation? Contact us!

Becoming a balladins franchisee means the guarantee of the risk management and the link to the know-how and skills of a continuously growing manageable-sized network. It also includes the guarantee of an investment of confidence, which will promote your assets and hotel properties.

You will also benefit from access to an efficient marketing system, all the while maintaining your independence.

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Want to change of scenery? Want to give a new boost to your career? Join #Teamballadins!

Benefits of the balladins network: 

  • A dynamic reservation service
  • A team of field sales representatives who help you and advise you on how to promote your hotel
  • An efficient technology and marketing system
  • Approved suppliers base
  • Many services: agreements with tour operators, companies and works’ councils...
  • Europe-wide commercial presence
  • Modern marketing media: guide, website, loyalty programme...