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Explore the Calanques on an electric bike a stone-throw away from Marseille

Take off for a stroll near Marseille

Discover the Marseille Calanques on an electric bike

Discover landscapes like no other in the world, at the gates of Marseille!

A few minutes from the town lies the Calanques National Park. This natural area is home to a remarkable terrestrial and marine ecosystem, which conceals true wild beauty.

Explore the many coves bathed by the turquoise water and the limestone cliffs that create the massif coast. Discover the village of the Goudes fishermen and the Kennedy corniche.

Be aware however that, because this is a protected natural area, respect is required so that everyone can continue to enjoy its beauty.
Due to its sanctuary status, only a certain area of The Calanques is accessible to cyclists. Please ask for more information, many routes are are available on the marked trails.

As the sun's rays are very strong in the Calanques National Park, don't forget to use sunscreen and to take plenty of water with you.