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For every experience must be unique: from the distinguished charm of a traditional hotel to the design of a modern facility


Nos hôtels inspiration by balladins

Behind every Inspiration by balladins hotel lies a dream come true, a unique personality, a will for sharing, a peculiar passion… Enter a willingly provided intimacy, in an atmosphere full of experience…

In privileged in town locations, close to points of interest, or remote, ourInspiration by balladins hotels share a common project; your escape.

Le concept inspiration by balladins

You are unique, so are our hotels.

Les hôtels inspiration by balladins

Inspiration by balladins emphasizes a life project, a will for sharing where standardization is left aside.Human all makes sense in this life experience. Everything is meant to make you forget your routine, and to redefine, with our guests, the sense of sharing.