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Bastion du 7ème art au coeur de la Côte d'Azur,

A Ligurian fishermen village in antient times, Cannes’ expansion dates in fact from the 19th century. Thanks to the development of the seaside tourism, the city takes off and becomes a major holiday destination for English and Russian aristocracy. These wealthy landowners develop an important architectural heritage by taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate of the French Riviera.

Nowadays, the Cannes city is known around the world thanks to the International Film Festival, which is held every year since 1946.
This event attracts every year important persons from the world of the Seventh Art as well as an increasing number of tourists and cinema lovers.
Take this opportunity to venture out for a walk off the Lérins Islands to discover the roaming legends. It is said that the mysterious Man in the Iron Mask has been locked away here!

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