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Quick ! The Black Friday is here !

Notice to the "Shopping Addicts", the day of the good plans, it’s this Friday, November 24th!! Connoisseurs among you have already programmed on their agenda the day of Black Friday, more commonly known as "crazy day", or "the most intense sales day of the year."

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The #Teamballadins talks about recycling

Wednesday, November 15, will be like every year the recycling day. The opportunity for the #Teamballadins to remind you how much we value our dear planet!

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Welcome to the chocolate fair !

From October 28th to November 1st, you will have a chance to participate at the edition 2017 of the chocolate fair, organized in the city Light. It is THE inescapable world meeting for all the enthusiasts of chocolate! Gentlemen, if you don't have the chance to have chocolate bars, it will be the opportunity for you to buy from it on the spot, and so to please Madam ...

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It is holidays !

At last ! these are the first school holidays of the year. Your children, as tired as they are tiring, will hurry to leave their school bags this weekend in a corner of their room, to forget it for two weeks of pause.

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When the end of the summer comes

The leaves fall, the sun goes away. No doubt, It is the end of summer !

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