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When the end of the summer comes

The leaves fall, the sun goes away. No doubt, It is the end of summer !


Season's change also means a change of clothes. We begin to get dress warmly and take out again the old clothes (Pullovers and turtlenecks) and we know that it already makes you feel depressed... but the good thing is that it is not necessary to do it too much to be dressed. And we are not yet in winter, we are waiting for a few days with sun ...

You are nostalgic of warm summer evenings during which time you certainly have enjoy to the comfort of one of our 54 hotels. And you probably think that all of this is over. Think again ! You can enjoy it too, despite the cold. Some hotels benefit of warmed swimming pool, just for the pleasure of your wonderful athlete's / Goddess's body smile .

And for hotels which do not have swimming pool, don't worry, our sweet blanket will be relegated to you, with smile, by our charming hotelkeepers.

Autumn is also the opportunity to improvise one evening movie between friends, under the blanket, with a lot of popcorns ! We looooooooooooove popcorns ! (and sushi...) We prove it to you here . By the way, we propose you 3 movies will comes out during this autumn, to organize your movie nights :


       "Ça" – Release date on 20 septembre 2017 :
A thriller in which five friends are confronted to a terrible predator they called "Ça" . #Teamballadins advise you to go watch this movie with someone else, we do not know what can be hidden under your seat... And it by chance a monster is there, speed up and look for the nearest balladins hotel  ! We will be happy to help you to fight him, and you can sleep quietly... Because on balladins, our priority is your security !

       "L'un dans l'autre" – Release date on 20 septembre 2017

A comedy in which two couples share several years of friendship. At least, until two of them become lovers ... Again, if this situation happens to you, you can take refuge with us. We do not promise you reconciliation with your beloved ... Whatever, our beds are so comfortable that your reunion would not have been possible elsewhere
 ! #balladinsRepairTheBrokenHearts


       "Star Wars - Les Derniers Jedi" – Release date on 13 décembre 2017

They are back ! The heroes of the famous saga Star Wars we do not present anymore. We unfortunately have sabers lasers to offer you, but you have got a great advantage to confront your enemy, a great and relaxing night, and a full breakfast to be the strongest thanks to the efficiency #Teamballadins. If you want to disguise as Luke Skywalker, you probably will have the opportunity to hear us give you the reply "No, I am your father"

Now, you have good reasons to spend a great autumn season, we concoct you nice things, starting with ... Oops, curiosity is a nasty defect! Stay connected on our social networks, you may be surprised ...

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