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Get connected with the #MuseumWeek !

It clearly made sensation last year and returns again in 2018 : The Museum Week!

Museum of selfies

From April 23rd to 29th, it's on social networks that it happens! If you do not have the opportunity to visit a museum, museums will come to you! The hashtag #MuseumWeek will be used throughout this period by the Twitter accounts of the various participating museums.

The event that had been imagined by some French Museum Community Managers, now appears as the first global cultural event on Twitter. It aims to boost the presence of our dear institutions on social networks in a fun way.

This is the opportunity to share on the web the most sumptuous photos of museums, the most beautiful works. This interactive showcase of art venues is taking place for the third year in a row, and will, as in previous years, be a huge success!

The interest of this event is therefore to promote cultural exchanges by soliciting the youngest via social networks. It's also a way to win thousands of followers at the different museums! Proof is: The Louvre is now followed by almost 1.5 million people on Twitter against only 292 500 last year.

If you want to visit several museums to share your art photos on social networks, and continue with a good restaurant and a relaxing hotel night, download our balladins guide available here and go for adventure ! Jsut in case you didn't know it, click on "Codes Promo" to get the best offers.

Do not forget to identify us on your photos by using the hashtag #Teamballadins on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram =)

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