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What do you think if we talk about gastronomy?!

This article is dedicated to greedy !

Soupe VGE - Copyright Anakorpa

That you are a gourmet or not you certainly have his name in mind when we talk about cooking. Whoever was one of the most famous chefs will leave the world of gastronomy sad.

But Paul Bocuse left us fantastic heritage ! The opportunity for the #Teamballadins to give you chills by presenting you some of its iconic specialties.

- Black Truffle Soup VGE : Created by the chief himlself oncoctée par le chef in honnor of Valéry Giscard d'Estaing !


- The famous chicken fricassee of Bresse with morels : A classic of the Rhône Alpes region revisited by the chief.

- Tarte tatin by Paul Bocuse : The "V" was gently placed on top, and that's how we recognize the tarte tatin like Paul Bocuse !


We see you behind your screens ... and we know that the question you want to ask us shyly is : «Whithout having his culinary science, where can we taste these delicious dishes ?? »

You can find here the Paul Bocuse Restaurants, Breweries and Counter list, where you will revive at each your visits, the legend of French gastronomy. 

If you want to visit the Paul Bocuse houses, check beforehand if a balladins hotel is not on your route. Find the list of our hotels in the balladins Guide 2018, free download here at the bottom of the page =) 

All the #Teamballadins addresses its most sincere tributes to the immense Paul Bocuse.

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