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Hello Autumn !

Autumn, Season of ...


Autumn is here ! And it starts to get cold. Scarves, coats and rain boots are back. But the Autumn is also dedicate to particular themes :

                                                                     Autumn, Love season : 

It is scientific ! Researchers have studied and recounted the fact that when it's cold, the human being needed a loving presence. So, single friends, open your eyes !

Our dear friend Facebook, him, has shown us a rather amazing reality :

Autumn is the season where the status of suscribers goes from "Single" to "In a relationship". Surprising, no ? On the other hand, the two periods when they leave their partner the most would be two weeks before the hand of the year (maybe to avoid spending for gifts?) or summer holidays.

                                                                  Autumn, Mushrooms season :

For mushrooms grow up, we need a weather that is favorable to them. And to develop, mushrooms also need water. Naturally, 70% of them grow in Autumn, between September and November, before the first frosts and when rain and sun coexist with pleasure in our beautiful regions.

What can be cooked with good mushrooms ?

Pan fried autumn mushrooms, or cream of mushrooms will warm your body and your heart ! Furthermore, mushrooms are also a cure for autumn diseases.

                                                                 Autumn, Small diseases : 

Otitis, Bronchitis, Nasopharyngitis or other diseases that end in "ite" will be our seasonal companions ! So to prepare well, you have to cover yourself ! Avoid also goings and comings between the hands and the face to not spread the bacteria. And during the night, eight hours of sleep are necessary to stay in shape and help your immune system to fight Autumnal diseases !


In short, #Teamballadins takes care of you and wishes you a beautiful Autumn =)

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