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After a chocolate weekend, it’s almost the holidays!

You too have spent the whole weekend devouring all kinds of eggs and chocolate bunnies? And you regret it bitterly, you who started (again) a diet?

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- Water ! Yes, a good mineral cure will allow you to activate drainage and disposal. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day!

- Detox drink with lemon, ginger, fennel : And it is also top to promote sleep.

- Stretch your legs! Nothing better to stimulate digestion, and enjoy a good fresh wind.

- Do not feel guilty! A gap happens. The whole thing is not to start over too often ...

- A little rest: Walking or playing sports is very good, but when the body feels the need to take a break, you have to listen to it! What's better than a good herbal tea under a warm blanket in front of a good movie? Do you prefer to change air? This is not a problem ! From North to South, from East to West, your #Teamballadins welcomes you in its hotels, and offers you relaxing nights. Book your stay on www.balladins.com and enjoy the best rates!

For your health, spend at least one night a month in a balladins hotel ...! =)

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