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10 good reasons to not make sales!

The #Teamballadins think of you (and your wallet), tht's why, we have listed the 10 good reasons to not make sales! durant these last weeks..


Since June 27, the Summer sales has started,
The shops are filled with people, Sellers are overwhelmed, the websites are saturated. And for good reason, there are reductions up to -90% in some stores ! If you are a compulsive buyer, we are not sure that the rest of the article will please you ... But we will try !

  • Reason n°1 : You are going to ruin yourself !
  • Reason n°2 : You will still fall for the new collection... And who says new collection, says strong prices. Not real a good deal...
  • Reason n°3 : Sales are all the years ! Between private sales and special operations, no need to wait for the official sales to make good deals !
  • Reason n°4 : No, you ABSOLUTELY don't need this little dress ... Your dressing is already filled (The #Teamballadins has eyes everywere, don't lie to her...)
  • Reason n°5 : There is too much people... Do the sales on the internet. Whatever, you risk spending double of money, forget it...
  • Reason n°6 : You will still be disputed by Mr. or Mrs ... Think about it !
  • Reason n°7 : You will save money for a bigger purchase
  • Reason n°8 : You will still fight to have this pair of shoes in size 37... But this year again, it's not your size ...
  • Reason n°9 : Why sweat inside the shops and stand in line for hours while you could enjoy a good smoothie on the terrace ? With sunglasses ! (Well, we will not blame you if you buy this pair of glasses...)
  • Reason n°10 : Because you are going to buy things that you will never wear... Again...


We didn't convince you So you are a Fashion addict ! Try to be reasonable... or not ! And since you have decided to spend yout money, find HERE the list of our etablishments, it could serve you, shopping tired ! =)

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